10 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Your dog displays their love and affection for you in a variety of ways. Our friends over at HerePup.com have compiled a great list of the different ways your dog shows their love and affection for you.



Dogs are man’s loyal best friend. They can be your exercise buddy, your bodyguard, and stress reliever. There are many benefits of having a dog more than just for companionship. You must often find yourself wanting to understand what your best bud is trying to say or communicate.

Just like humans, dogs are also filled with feelings and emotions. They can be scared, happy and mad. Have you noticed how your dog reacts when there is lightning and thunder?  How he wiggles his tail when you arrive home from a long day at work? Or how he barks loudly when he sees a cat pass by?

With the evolution in the science of dog communication, it will be easier for you to understand your dog’s emotions and what they are trying to say by staring at their eyes, the expression on their face, or just by looking at their body posture or movements.

Professionals say that dogs are happy when they wag their tails. They display their belly as a sign of submission. Even the position of their ears can show different moods. If their ears are up, it means a sign of alertness; they are scared if their ears are down and hostile if they are backwards.

Look over the infographic to see how your dog is showing their undying love and affection for you. Enjoy!

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