4 Things to Consider About Dog-Friendly Apartments

Just because a property allows dogs doesn’t mean it is the best fit for your and your pup. When searching for a pet-friendly apartment or house, research the area’s amenities and you might find that there is a spot where you will feel right at home. The following are some things to consider when shopping for a new place with your dog.


1. Where will you go for walks?

Map out where the nearest dog park is to your residence. If dog park visits are a must for you, look for something within a mile so it is an easy walk. While this isn’t always possible, it’s definitely a perk when you don’t have to take a car ride to the closest park. Also, remember, the nearest dog park may not be convenient enough for every time your dog needs to go out. Check for smaller spots where they can do their regular business (especially that early morning one).




2. Who will take care of your dog while you are at work?

A new area means you might be not be able to use the same providers you used previously. Doggie daycare, dog walkers, and pet sitters can all provide excellent care for your dog while you are at work. An ideal area would have multiple options in case your situation ever changes.


3. Are area attractions also dog-friendly?

While a lot of areas will have the basics, every city seems to have those few neighborhoods that are especially accommodating to dogs. Figure out what activities, such as markets or street fairs, take place in the area and if pet parents often bring their dogs. Check Yelp and other restaurant reviews for mentions of patrons that previously brought their dogs to the establishment. In this case, mentions of serving the dog water tend to skew towards a spot that really welcomes dogs. Go to Meetups.com and see if there are any dog walking groups that regularly meet in the neighborhood. All of these things are great indicators that your dog will love the area as much as you.


Couple sitting with dog at restaurant


4. Where is the closest emergency vet care?

Having a veterinarian nearby is great but not always a necessity. However, knowing where you would be taking your dog in the event of an emergency is a necessity. Will you be able to get there in a reasonable amount of time? If not, are there in-home alternatives that you can seek out? Knowing these things ahead of an emergency are crucial.


What do you look for in a dog-friendly apartment?


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  1. I have a dog friendly apartment. There is a dog park inside the complex but our small dogs can’t enjoy it when all the other dogs are there. My BF and I pay pet rent for our two dogs every month. It is great training to walk the dogs around other dogs. They get exposure to all types of people that they can’t get in a home. The best recommendation I can give is to ask for a first floor apartment. If the dogs run around, they won’t bug the neighbors downstairs:)

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