5 Things to Consider for Cat-Friendly Apartments

When searching for a cat-friendly apartment or house, there are a few things you need to consider besides whether or not the property allows cats. Be sure to keep in mind the property’s surroundings, interior compatibility with your cat, and its proximity to pet care. The following are some things to consider when shopping for a new rental with your cat.


1. Will your cat be able to get natural stimulation from indoors?

Whether your cat is indoor or indoor-outdoor, it’s good to give them a taste of the outdoors. Look for areas where they will be able to sit and look out the window.  Screened porches are an excellent amenity for cats as they can sit outside without the typical dangers of being outside. However, be forewarned, you may have to solve some scratching or climbing issues with screening.



2. Is there room to add some height for your cat to climb?

Add some height to your decor. Cat towers and condos are the easiest and most portable solution, but you can also opt to hang cat shelves. Just make sure those shelves are properly anchored to the drywall and are rated for well above your cat’s weight.




3. Where will you be able to keep the litter?

It can often be difficult to find an ideal placement for the litter pan especially in a rental property. Cat owners often want the litter out-of-sight, out-of-smell-range, and in an area where it is easy to keep clean. In a pet-friendly apartment, the only places to put the litter may lie in the kitchen and bathroom which isn’t always the greatest experience. Screened porches keep the litter out of the main living areas but this can mean constantly letting your cat in and out of the unit. Laundry rooms can also provide the best balance between convenience and hiding the litter out of sight. Whatever your solution, keep this in mind before you sign the lease.




4. Are there cat-sitting services in the area?

Dogs aren’t the only pets that do well with attention while you are at work. Cats Your cat will enjoy a visit from a pet sitter even if it is just to refresh their water. Cats are generally okay alone for the day, but they still enjoy a visit from a pet sitter even if it is just to refresh their water. Check to see who offers cat sitting services in the area for an idea on rates. Also, check with the property manager to see if the property offers on-site pet care or has a discount agreement available with any vendors.




5. Is the Surrounding Environment Safe Enough for an Outdoor Cat?

If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you have to be very careful when choosing a new apartment or rental home. Apartment complexes add a lot of dangers to the environment like heavy traffic flow in the parking lot and community dumpsters. However, if you are adamant that your cat stays an indoor-outdoor cat, look for quieter communities or single-family homes. Get a ground floor unit in an apartment complex so your cat can easily get in and out.



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