6 Awesome IKEA Hacks for Pets

Let’s face it: We all love our pets but the toys, the litter, and the pet furniture can sometimes cramp our style especially if you are crammed in a 500 sq. foot studio in the middle of the city. Stylish solutions for your loved one are hard to come by and often expensive.

These IKEA hacks go all out to provide stylish and practical solutions that will satisfy your pet and mesh with your decor.


1. Cat Litter with Micro-controlled Motion Detection and LED Counter

There are lots of great ideas for hiding your cat litter box but this IKEA Hacker went above and beyond with his tech-savvy cat litter hideaway that actually counts the number of times his cat uses the box and alerts him when its time to change the litter via a slick LED signal.


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2. Food Bar for the Furry Four Legged Friend

Get the food off the floor for your larger dog and keep a clean, modern feel with this hack. The best part about this one is how simple and cheap it is to implement.



3. Hemnes Dog Gate

Have a large hallway or entrance way that you want to keep your dogs or other animals out of? Try this custom-made dog gate using the classic IKEA’s Hemnes line. Pet owners with young kids will also love this doubling as a a baby gate.




4. Bye Bye Lack Shelf Alternative Cat Stairs

Cat stairs aren’t for everybody and they are almost impossible to make look fashionable. User blah blah achieves that here with a simple, red cat stair that allows her kitty to climb high but keeps her walls looking consistent.




5. Cat Cubby Window Seat

The discreetness of this piece is what makes it great. Your cat will love the cushy cubby holes but nobody will see this as more than a stylish handmade window seat.




6. Modern Guinea Pig Cage with LEDs

Dogs and cats, dogs and cats, why’s it always got to be about dogs and cats?!? Well, it doesn’t. There are a lot of great ideas for your caged animals, too. These guinea pigs are living the life with this huge, corner cage complete with LED lighting effects and entrance/exit ramps. The cage fits in with the decor, doubles as a TV stand, and keeps the guinea pigs the center of their owner’s universe.


Other caged hacks include this huge bunny condo and a cool, hanging rat cage.

You can find more inspiration for Pet IKEA Hacks at IKEAHackers.Net.


Ready to build a hack but need a pet-friendly apartment? Find one at CityLeash.com.

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