Tips for Living in the City with Pets

Owning a pet in a city with traffic, crowds and concrete everywhere presents a lot of unique challenges. Here are some tips for preparing yourself for pet ownership in a large city.


Dogs Being Walked by Dog Walker


Find a Nearby Dog Park or Green Space for your Dog

Everybody needs an escape from the concrete jungle, especially dogs. Make nearby dog parks part of your housing search, and it will pay off when you want them to stretch their four legs. (more…)

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Day at the Dog Beach

Beach season is here! There are lots of great dog beaches that provide an environment that can’t be matched by any dog park. Lots of room to run and splashing in the surf are sure to please most dogs. Just remember a few important things for your day at the dog beach.


Golden Retriever at the Dog Beach


Respect the Rules

Just like with any park, beaches have various rules for dogs. (more…)

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Outstanding Pet Amenities Help Luxury Apartments Attract Renters

The standards of pet owners in search of a new home are becoming higher and higher, and luxury apartment developers are taking note. Gone are the days where apartment-seekers’ main priority was a gym or pool. In today’s market, many renters are looking for communities that offer five-star “pet”digree standards, to go along with their own personal amenities.




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