Day at the Dog Beach

Beach season is here! There are lots of great dog beaches that provide an environment that can’t be matched by any dog park. Lots of room to run and splashing in the surf are sure to please most dogs. Just remember a few important things for your day at the dog beach.


Golden Retriever at the Dog Beach


Respect the Rules

Just like with any park, beaches have various rules for dogs. Respect any leash laws that are in effect to avoid costly fines. Also, make sure that the dogs are allowed both on the beach and in the water as some areas restrict four-legged friends to just the sand. For the best experience, seek out a dedicated dog beach where they can run off-leash.

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Watch What They Eat

You don’t want your pup drinking a lot of salt water as it can irritate their stomach and cause diarrhea or vomiting. It’s also best to keep them away from seaweed and other sea plants that have washed on shore. These unknown plants can potentially cause serious harm to your dog.


Bring Plenty of Water

This is a no-brainer and an essential part of any trip to the park. However, the beach is especially salty and hot. In addition, it is likely your dog will swallow at least some of the ocean water. By providing them with plenty of fresh water, they can stay hydrated and help prevent upset tummies.

 active labrador retriever at the dog beach


Keep the Sea Poop-Free 

Keep close watch here to avoid having your dog do their business in the surf. It can make the beach highly unsanitary and it is near impossible to clean up. When they do go, make sure you pick it up to keep the beach clean.


Hose Them Down

After you are done at the beach, take extra care to rinse off the sand and salt from their coats. You may want to give them a full bath to ensure they are fully clean. Inspect their paws for any shell fragments that may be stuck their paw pads. Clean their paws thoroughly so they don’t get irritated from the salt.


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