Healthy and Harmful Foods for Cats

Welcome to the follow-up to our most popular post: Healthy and Harmful Food for your Dogs. More and more pet owners are looking to replace or supplement their commercial cat food with healthier options. The graphic below provides a great guide to what foods are healthy for your cat and those you want to avoid. There may be a few surprises that you weren’t aware of! (Hint: Skip the Milk!).

Everything on this chart is meant to be a general guide. Cats can have varying reactions to items on the healthy side. When adding new items to your cat’s diet, always remember:

Know your cat, avoid unnecessary risks, and practice moderation!

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Cat Healthy and Harmful

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Everyone always associates cats and milk, but the fact is that most cats are lactose intolerant. Giving cats milk often leads to diarrhea and/or vomiting. Letting them have a few licks out of your cereal bowl will probably be okay, but there is no reason to give it to them as part of their diet.


Fish is a great way to bolster your cat’s protein intake but you have to be careful. Raw fish can contain dangerous parasites so you should avoid giving it to your cat. Cooked fish is safe but make sure you have removed all of those tiny bones.  Canned tuna can be a special treat for your feline but it is high in mercury and unsaturated fats so make it a rare treat rather than a consistent item.


Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are as toxic to cats as they are to dogs. They can be some of the most tricky items to avoid because they are used in so many dishes. Canned broth can also be seasoned with garlic or onions so be sure to check the can before putting it in their bowl.


Human Medications and Supplements

Some medications that are prescribed for humans may also be prescribed for your cat.  However, most of the doses will be completely different. You should talk to your veterinarian and only administer medication that they have prescribed or recommended. The same goes for human supplements.


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11 thoughts on “Healthy and Harmful Foods for Cats

    1. Kathy,

      While you want to avoid giving your feline friends bones (they can splinter and cause choking) or fat trimmings (can induce vomiting or diarrhea) from a turkey, the meat itself is perfectly fine for our furry friends.

  1. This list is dangerous for all felines; they are obligate carnivores, and require a majority of meat in their diet. This list promotes them to be omnivores like humans… they are not… reader be aware.

  2. Most deli meats are loaded with sodium. Added salt to your cats diet can cause a variety of health problems. This is a terrible idea to promote this. Both cats and dogs can get salt poisoning.

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