Outstanding Pet Amenities Help Luxury Apartments Attract Renters

The standards of pet owners in search of a new home are becoming higher and higher, and luxury apartment developers are taking note. Gone are the days where apartment-seekers’ main priority was a gym or pool. In today’s market, many renters are looking for communities that offer five-star “pet”digree standards, to go along with their own personal amenities.



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Many apartment community developers across the country have started to draw in renters with unique pet-friendly accommodations. The Massachusetts-based properties highlighted in this article definitely go above and beyond when it comes to making pets feel at home. Currents on the Charles, a luxury apartment community in Waltham, MA, has created a convenient, friendly, and fun atmosphere for both its residents and their pets through outstanding amenities such as its “Bark ‘n’ Bubbles” washing and grooming station.

These lavish pet amenities are provided to enhance the market’s focus on renter convenience and overall pet-owner appeal. Having these on-site animal accommodations makes pet ownership at apartment communities much more engaging and convenient for all parties. Many pet owners have high standards for their companions, and apartment developments are taking major initiatives to cater to these desires.

Many communities have done an amazing job of creating atmospheres that are as pet-friendly as they are human…friendly. Atmark Apartments, a 428-unit luxury community in Cambridge, MA, has installed an on-site “Bark Park”, which is an expansive and secure area for residents to walk their pets and greet other animal enthusiasts. Not only do amenities such as this offer a great play zone for the pets, they also create a greater sense of community among residents by offering a fun, on-site gathering location.


Black Dog and White Dog Running at Dog Park


Pets have also been introduced to the luxury side of apartment living at The Kensington and Park Lane Seaport Apartments, both of which are in Boston, MA. The Kensington takes its pet amenities to another level with on-site pet spas and grooming services equipped with professional doggy baths, blow dry sessions, and more. As if this is not enough, Park Lane Seaport Apartments not only offers pet sitting services, allowing for some off-the-clock owner fun, but goes to the extent of supplying “Pet Taxis” to shuttle socialite pets off to their daily activities.


Proof is in the Poop. "Poo print" amenities are bad news for lazy pet owners.


Adding to the pet-friendly trend that apartment communities have begun embracing, Watertown Mews, a 206-unit luxury development in Watertown, MA, has taken trendsetting steps to ensure cleanliness and responsibility from all pet owners. All residents who own a pet at the Mews are required to submit samples of their pets’ waste to be stored in the database, PetsPrintsUSA. These samples, aptly named “poo prints”, allow property managers to track down the culprit renters who do not pick up after their pets, and goes as far as to handing out fines to repeat offenders.

With all of these amenities, accommodations, and services dedicated to animals, the only logical question is, “what will they think of next?!”

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