Tips for Living in the City with Pets

Owning a pet in a city with traffic, crowds and concrete everywhere presents a lot of unique challenges. Here are some tips for preparing yourself for pet ownership in a large city.


Dogs Being Walked by Dog Walker


Find a Nearby Dog Park or Green Space for your Dog

Everybody needs an escape from the concrete jungle, especially dogs. Make nearby dog parks part of your housing search, and it will pay off when you want them to stretch their four legs.

Depending on the size of your dog, a nearby dog park might be a perk for smaller dogs or a must for your large dog. It is always easier to walk a dog to and from the park than have to load them up in the car to get there. Plus, does anybody really want muddy paws in their car? If you don’t end up within walking distance to a park, find a good alternative near your house for them to do their business in between car rides to the park.

Walk Your Dog with Care

There are places where it is perfectly safe to walk your dog off-leash and worry-free. The streets of a large city are not those places. Keep your dog on a leash at all times so you don’t have to worry about them running into traffic. Also, be sure to keep a close eye on them as you walk. Dogs love sniffing everything they see and city streets are full of things you don’t want them getting into including trash, glass, and even poison. If they are accustomed to walking beside you, try to train them walk in front of you so it is easier to see what they are doing.


Hire a Pet Sitter

City apartments aren’t going to come with a yard so cat doors and dog doors are out of the question. You will need to hire a dog walker, pet sitter, or doggy day care if you are going to be at work all day. A good dog walker will come to your place, pick up your dog, and give them exercise. Likewise, pet sitters and doggy daycares will also give your dog the exercise and socialization they need. Even cats can benefit from a pet sitter that will come over to freshen up their food and give them some love. When you get home from work, your pet will be even happier to see you since they won’t have been left alone all day long.


Cat Sitting on Windowsill in Cat-Friendly Apartment


Bring your Cat Indoors

If your cat is accustomed to going outside, be prepared to keep them inside. To help transition them to an indoor lifestyle, make sure you have plenty of entertainment and furniture for them. Scratching posts are a must have as they will want to sharpen their claws on all of your furniture otherwise. Pet-friendly plants and cat grass can also make them feel better about being kept inside all day.

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